Why should finding a good lawyer be difficult or expensive?  We don't think it should be.  Alphabet Lawyers makes it easy to find an attorney and easy for attorneys to present themselves to other lawyers or to potential clients.  Alphabet Lawyers presents attorneys alphabetically and by specialty  - fair to the attorney and easy for the client.  With the fast-paced legal world, most big heavy printed editions are out of date within a month of being delivered.  Alphabet Lawyers offers up-to-date information for attorneys, others in the legal profession and clients.  Alphabet is:

§ Free to Access! - For lawyers, their staff, and for the public.

§ Easy to Use! Search by lawyer name, specialty, and/or city.

§ Thorough! Contact information for more than 20,000 attorneys in Colorado, for state and federal courts, and for government agencies.

§ SpecializedLawyers can list their specialties for just $27 per specialty per year.  Lawyers show up whenever users search in those practice areas. 

§ Green! Why kill trees every year with new, expensive paper directories that are obsolete upon delivery?  Alphabet Lawyers updates throughout the year with bar inductees, new hires, transfers, and more.

§ TimelyOur CLE listings include a wide variety of legal education programs happening soon, with date, time, location, cost, credits, and where to register.

§ A Level Playing Field Attorneys cannot pay for position on Alphabet Lawyers. Whether you need a lawyer in your city or a particular practice area, our search results are sorted alphabetically, not by who paid for the top listings.

Lawyers claim your profile on the Login page. Create your User Name and Password and agree to the Terms of Use. Then verify or update your information.

Judges update your information at any time, after creating a password and agreeing to the Terms of Use

For the next 30 days, lawyers can list up to 5 (five) specialties - for free.  Those specialties will be on the site for the next 90 days. No credit card required.  We think once you give it a try, you will use that stodgy and chunky hard copy for a door stop.